Yoga for obesity

Yoga therapy and mediyoga programs for obesity as well as adopting a yogic lifestyle can help patients suffering from obesity and overweight.   In addition certain kriyas (cleansing techniques) and pranayama (breathing techniques) have been proven to be useful.

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What is obesity

Obesity is an unnatural state cause basically by inactiveness, high caloric intake, and metabolic factors. The tendency to not perform any physical exercise is the main cause of increased weight. It is difficult to specify beyond what weight a person is considered obese. Actually, obesity is not a disease but the source of many diseases. The body has its own existence and hence its own weight. This weight affects all the functioning systems in the body. It starts affecting the functioning systems unfavorably when it starts exceeding its optimal limit. If the body weight puts stress on the organs, the organs that are weak are unable to function appropriately and a disease is developed in that organ. Hence it is said that obesity is the mother of many diseases.

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