Yoga for hypertension

A yoga therapy or mediyoga programme for hypertension helps with regards to releasing the excessive tension from the body and mind. As tension is one of the main factors for hypertension yoga has been found to be useful for this purpose.

In a nutshell, yogic processes that regulate blood pressure are a proper diet, deep breathing, pranayama such as ujjaji breath and sheetali, and Yoga Nidra. In addition, yogasana (physical yoga) has been proven to be very useful together with some easy cleansing practices such as uddiyana bandha and jala neti.

What is hypertension

The disease of hypertension is a hidden enemy, as it is not discovered unless measured. No symptoms are seen in the initial stages but it keeps on creating adverse effects on the important organs. It keeps on ruining the body, ultimately proving hazardous to life.

Although the cause of this disease is not found on the physical level, it lies in the mental level and can be found there. The name itself directs to the cause – ‘hypertension’ – excess tension or stress. The disease is thus heavy stress and the consequence is rise in blood pressure. This directs us to the treatment of the disease – releasing the excessive stress.

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