Yoga for diabetes

Yoga therapy and mediyoga specific programs for diabetes can help patients suffering from this disease.

Yogic treatments for diabetes

The list of yogic processes that are beneficial for the treatment diabetes is very long. These processes have to be practiced for a long duration and many more processes have to be practiced as a basic preparation for practicing the main course of treatment. It must be noted that it is not possible for the patient to perform these processes on his own referring to books.

What is diabetes

Diabetes can be described as the bitter story of sweet sugar. Efforts to limit the excessive use of sugar as a sweeter are being made all over the world but have not significantly succeeded. It is now becoming evident that yoga, which is capable of bringing an overall improvement in human life, is also capable of overcoming a disease like diabetes, provided all pancreatic cells have not already been destroyed. There are many different levels of diabetic disease.

The primary symptoms of diabetes are weakness, excess hunger, excess thirst, and passing large quantities of urine frequently. It is thus essential to limit the levels of blood glucose. Otherwise, adverse consequences of increased blood glucose can be experienced.  Diabetes affects the skin, the anus, the urinary tract or the vagina. It can even be a cause of death.  The walls of blood vessels become thick and stiff. This adversely affects the blood supply especially to the feet. It also affects the function of the eyes leading to blindness. There may be a swelling on the feet due to increased load on the kidneys. At times, the kidneys may stop functioning totally.  In fact, the elevated levels of blood glucose affect the functioning of practically all the organs. It is hence very essential to maintain levels of blood glucose in the normal range.

Expert guidance is a must and this is the reason for not mentioning any of these yogic processes here. Take contact for more 🙂