Yoga therapy and mediyoga programs.

Personalized and general programs for health issues. It is also possible to book a private yoga or yoga therapy class.

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27th of January 11.00

Basic Norge

 Aslakveien 14a, 0753 Oslo

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Recommendations from facebook

Real person who always gives a real things. If you want good knowledge than I Recommend you Aum Yoga. Very good behavior and taking care person. They always try to give their student 100%. If I will find some time, I want to go there and learn more.
Best of luck. 

Rahul Singh

This yoga teacher is the best. She is amazing. I promise.

Jakob Hagelid

It was Ada who first introduced me to yoga, and it was such an inspiring experience. She made a tailored program for me, and it was the best✨ I will highly recommend Ada and Aum Yoga

Lene Cecilie Nielsen

Very good teacher in Aum Yoga

Sagar Chauhan, Your Content Goes Here

Ada is a great yogi and human. As a teacher she takes everything into consideration when creating a customised yoga plan. I enjoyed the practice and Ada was supporting and helped me out when I needed it

Majda Pasic, Your Content Goes Here

This was freakin awesome!!! Helpful and calm coaching and Im hooked on Yoga from one class!!! Definitely one to go to for!

János Gris Bihari Andersson