“It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters” – Amit Ray

By saying that we will teach meditation we would be fooling not only our students but ourselves also. There are very few people that can teach meditation. What we can do is share our knowledge around different techniques that with time and practice can lead to meditation.

Mind has no physical existence, nevertheless the existence of the mind cannot be denied. Mind is not able to remain stable on any particular point or object. It keeps on moving at a tremendous speed like a drunk monkey. Thus, in order to meditate one has to concentrate, and in order to concentrate one has to control the mind. The first step of controlling your mind is making it stable by controlling the movements of the mind. But this is the most difficult part because of unstable nature of mind. And that is what we share with our students, the methods that with time lead to control of the movements of the mind.

Easy concentration technique from Yoga Point:

This practice is to be done with empty stomach (3 hours after the meals and 1hour after drinking any soft drink.) You have to wear loose clothes or loosen your clothes (belt / tie).Remove the shoes, wristwatch etc. This can be practiced for any length of time with minimum 10 minutes so you should keep at least 10 minutes for this practice. The sitting arrangement must be comfortable. Avoid the disturbances like phone,bells or even excess light or any other disturbing reason.

Sit comfortably on easy chair or sofa. Straighten the legs but don’t stretch them. Keep your hands on chair or on your knees loosely. Keep your fingers relaxed. Close your eyes gently. Relax the body.

Relax every muscles from toes to the top, one by one and slowly. Relaxation of muscles creates a feeling of pleasure in your mind and body. As the muscles are relaxed the breathing becomes slower and slower. Now focus your Mind on the breathing. Do not control the breathing but witness it. As the body is relaxing the breathing becomes slow. As the breathing becomes slow, the Mind becomes calm and quite. As the Mind becomes calm and quite, the body relaxes further, which further reduces the breathing rate and so on. After pre planned time elapses, be aware of your breathing, body parts, make the slow movements and slowly open your eyes and come to preposition.

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